Once a Marine. Author, traveler, (un)disciplinarian. Chaotic Good. He/him. Likes charismatic megafauna & writing about things. First rule of driving in Africa is never miss a chance to fill your tank.

Latest Posts

Books on the Blockchain?

Having seen how NFT's are beginning to change the world of visual art, I decided to look at whether this was an effective medium for publishing books. This is what I discovered.

Do Institutional Facts Require Language?

John Searle asserts that “institutional facts require language” but is this a sound and valid argument? In this essay I address these questions, and suggest improvements to his argument.

The Pun Page

Are you looking for the best of the worst puns and Dad jokes? You came to the right place!

Reflections on Afghanistan 2021

As the curtain falls on the tragic comedy of errors that has been the US involvement in Afghanistan, I see some common threads in much of the discourse. But I see a lot missing, too.

Why DUNE Failed Where STAR WARS Succeeded

While studying science fiction cinema at Harvard, I noted that many of the greatest movies in the genre had their basis in SF books; but the film adaptation of the best-selling SF novel of all time, Frank Herbert’s DUNE, was not among them. Why not? A comparison with STAR WARS revealed four answers.

The Bears of Kuterevo

It's been a good adventure today... in Kuterevo, a little village in the middle of the idyllic Croatian countryside famous for a volunteer-run bear sanctuary, which is home to several European Brown Bears, and a few very cute little piglets.

Startup Cities: What Zagreb can Learn from Miami Tech Week

The future belongs to startup cities like Miami, which recently pulled off a near-spontaneous “Tech Week” – jokingly referred to as "South by Southeast." But on the other side of the Atlantic, there's another week worth watching that's rapidly approach - Zagreb's "Digital Nomad Week."

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